Sabado, Hunyo 14, 2014

Style Perspective

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Some of us loves fashion. Everyone of us has a style. Style represents us who we are and what we are. We always want to look good in our everyday life, wherever we are and whatever we do. That is why we have different styles because we want to look unique, different and glamorous.

In this computer age, we have a lot of  fashion inspirations that we've idolize. these fashion inspirations can influence us to look glamorous but in a simple way. We dont need to have a designer or branded clothes just to look beautiful, glamorous, awesome etc. but it is all about how you wear it.  Confidence is the key! if you are confident on what you are wearing even it is not expensive, you can make it look like one because you are confident. 

Style is not all about the clothes what you are wearing it includes the confidence, good grooming and hygiene. Confidence, we all have it but we are not using it wisely. To have that confidence in you first, you have to believe in your self no matter what. Don't mind the people who doesn't believe in you, because you yourself believes that you can do things in your own. Good grooming, yeah you wear beautiful clothes, you wear expensive stilettos but you look haggard, still it doesn't count. You have to look presentable to everyone so that  people will respect you. it doesn't mean that you have to put a heavy make up, having that gorgeous hair do, but it is all about how you look simple yet dignified. lastly hygiene, it is very important to be hygienic, you have to be clean in whatever you do and wherever you are. it is all about being responsible on how you take care of yourself, you have to look beautiful but being not smelly is a must.

Having your own style is very important because, it defines you who and what you are. but the important is your personality you have to be good to everyone, style and fashion is nothing if your personality is stinky one.



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