Martes, Oktubre 7, 2014

Dear You,

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Dear You,
Even if I havent seen you, I feel that we are connected. Yeah it feels weird that I feel this way and it is wrong that I feel this way but I don't know. This is why I don't want to fall in-love because I lack common sense and intelligence but there is in you that everything is beautiful. I realized that it is wrong. There are a lot of things to do in my life especially in my career. I want to be happy but not happily in love I want to be happy in terms of having a career being contented in my life. There is in me that I want to be with you, But I have to find you so that we will have a happy ending. But wait i don't believe in happy ending and forever but you will be awesome to change that.

Everytime we talk I can say that the heaven conspire us to be happy that we are meant for each other. But that was a lie, you are happy with your significant other, and again I  failed. Im soo sad. I can say that we are not meant for each other. I think I have to find my happy ending without you. I know this is sad but I know I can handle this. I know you dont know what I feel because you are insensitive and again I say we havent seen each other.

I know you are happy with her, and I am happy too that we are still friends even if we are miles apart. I think the universe conspire us to be friends not lovers. I know that the universe conspire me to be happy with someone else and not with you but I have to find him first. I know you will be proud and happy for me one day. Maybe we will see each other when you are get married.

Happy and contented,


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