Martes, Hulyo 29, 2014

Life According to Instagram Pictures II

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Lately, my Instagram post is all about The World Cup. All the statistics, the memes, pictures of my favorite teams and players. I dont know why I just get hooked of the World Cup fever. I post some World Cup pictures because i noticed that all of my post is my selfie photos and I want something unique to post. 

When I share some photos about World Cup, I share my thoughts and feelings towards the match. All my observations, the way how the teams play. my sympathy to the players when they lost the match and my happiness that I watched a match despite of the timezone difference.

The World Cup has ended, Germany won the Cup. It will written in the history that they won the World Cup, not only once, not twice or thrice but four times.What a great achievement!! I miss all the World Cup news that I always see in my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. The trash talks, the commentaries, and among others. See you in the next World Cup in Russia in the year 2018. I wish I could watch it live...



Lunes, Hulyo 28, 2014

Music Monday

Starting this Monday I will post some of my favorite song, which I call Music Monday  (based on my random thought,.. lol )

The first song that I"ll feature is Do or Die from my favorite band Thirty Seconds To Mars

Enjoy!! :)

Do or Die song is one of my favorite song of Thirty Seconds To Mars in their new album Love Lust Faith + Dreams. This is one of the songs that I always listen to my playlist. Though I love all the Mars song but this one really inspires me to dream.

The music video is one of the epic music video that I've ever seen because it is all about the us "Echelon" who loves the band soo much. The band dont treat the Echelons as fan,supporters, the band treats us a family and the Echelons treat each other as a family, that makes us different. The video and the songs teach us to follow our dreams no matter what and believe our songs no matter what...

Happy Monday Everyone :)



Biyernes, Hulyo 25, 2014


 According to my best friend Wikipedia :A selfie is a self-portrait photography, typcally taken with a hand- held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr. They often casual, and are typically taken, either with a camera held at arm's length or in a mirror.

My Facebook timeline and Instagram Feed would not be complete if there is no a selfie post. Almost everyday lots of people would post it. Me too, I confess that I love to post selfies, my day would not be complete if i don't have a selfie pose, but I don't upload it on Instagram or in Facebook, sometimes I just keep it on my phone. Most of my post in Instagram are all my selfies. I know most of my followers are annoyed to see my face in their news feed. I'm  guilty about it. I don't pose selfies in my Facebook account because I know lots of Facebook friends will feel annoyed and I don't comfortable posting selfies, I don't know why.

Recently, Makati City one of the cities of my country Philippines is ranked number 1 in taking lots of selfies and my city Cebu City is ranked number 9 ( I think Im one of them who takes selfies ) in Time Magazine. It shows that we Filipinos loves to take selfies. 

Be careful in posting of your selfie photos because we dont know maybe there are some people are annoyed that you are always posting selfies. Me too I also feels that, see their faces everyday but they admit that they are selfie addicts. I think its their  freedom to post whatever they want, its their profile, its their face. They are just comfortable capturing themselves. Be careful in taking selfies because they are some will take risk in order to get a unique photo .Taking too much selfie will lead you to a brain disorder, because too much is often very dangerous.

Posting selfie photos means that you are comfortable of being who you are. You are comfortable of your skin, you don't care if you have many flaws as long as you are happy in posting your beautiful photos. Sometimes taking selfies will boost your confidence, especially when someone is complementing you photo.

 Posting selfie photos are trend right now because of our gadgets that has a camera on it and it is very accessible. Some clicks, some edits, et voila uploading in instagram and hashtagselfie. 



Miyerkules, Hulyo 23, 2014

Tadhana, Makisama ka naman Plith!!

( photo from the internet )

Magaling ka, alam mo lahat, mahusay ka sa lahat na ginagawa mo. Komportable ka kahit anong gagawin mo kasi maitatawid mo yan. Ginawa mo na lahat, binigay mo na best mo. Bakit ganun fail pa din?! Kahit anong gawin mo ayaw talaga makisama ang tadhana, ang sakit- sakit noh?

Ilang beses mo na ba naisip na kahit anong gawin mo, eh wala pa din? Ilang beses ka na ba nawalan ng pag-asa sa mga bagay-bagay? Feel mo ba na ikaw yong pinaka bobong tao sa mundo? Ilang ulit mo na ba na disappoint ang mga taong mahal mo at mahal ka? 

Well, di naman ikaw ang nakaramdam ng ganyan eh, halos lahat ng tao sa mundo nakaranas nang ganyan na parang walang pag-asa sa mundo. Kahit anong gawing, eh wala eh, edi ganun talaga ano magagawa ko. 

Alam mo ba na lahat ng bagay ay mayroong tamang timing, na unang beses mo lang ginawa ayun sapul ang jackpot, nakuha mo na gusto mo. Kasi kung para sayo, sayo talaga. Kapag hindi ay try again later na lang peg. Pag may pagkakataon ka ulet try your very best ika nga baka mapasayo na yong hinihiling mong work or kahit ano. Dasal ka lang lagi kasi kahit anong gawin mo pag ialay mo lahat kay Lord lahat ay possible.

Ganyan naman ang buhay ehh, pag hindi sayo , kahit gusto mo talaga ang isang bagay hintay ka lng ng tamang pagkakataon para masapasayo na yong gusto mong makatamtan. Sabi nga nila "Try and try until you succeed" ika nga.



Huwebes, Hulyo 17, 2014

Future Wedding Plans

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When I have nothing to do, I always open my Pinterest account because it always gives me ideas especially in some creative stuffs. Im always asking my self why I am always fascinated browsing in Wedding ideas and pin some wedding related pictures and planning my wedding. Here's the catch, I dont have a partner and I am not in a relationship right now. Maybe I am crazy that I am planning things that not is not yet happening. I dont think that I am normal, but i love it. Everything I am looking at the wedding gowns I went crazy. Finding unique wedding ideas makes me happy. 

Maybe you think that I take marriage for granted, its not, but I think browsing some wedding stuffs is a girl thing. I know that when you invited to go to wedding ceremony, you see yourself wearing that beautiful gown and your prince charming is waiting for you and he is soo handsome wearing that suit that really suits him. Its every women's dream to get married to the man that they love and to have a simple but unforgetable wedding is a plus. If you want to have a grand wedding go for it girl! It is your day and to your other half, but remember what important is your marriage.

Every wedding has its own motifs or themes. Some refers a vintage, gothic, modern, fairy tale and etc. I refer a simple yet vintage- gypsyish wedding theme, because I know its unique and I want to be different. I don't want to get married, I have many things to do like chasing my dreams. Well that is my plan I don't know if that would happen. Remember, I haven't found my other half yet.

Here are some photos that I pinned In my Pinterest account:

( wedding gowns ideas.. photos from pinterest/ internet )

( bridesmaid gowns inspiration.. photo from pinterest/ internet )

( wedding bouquets inspiration.. photo from pinterest/ internet )

 ( wedding invitations inspiration.. photo from the pinterest/ internet )



Miyerkules, Hulyo 16, 2014


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Last Saturday night me and my brother went to the Parokya ni Edgar and Kamikazee Concert here in our place. Soo the concert venue is very close to our house, we grab the opportunity to watch and to have fun. These bands are our favorite bands soo we didn't hesitate to buy tickets so that we can see them live singing their songs. We love their songs very much because it really touch your hearts and  entertains you.

Here are some pictures but sorry for the low quality because I am only using my phone.

 ( me having my selfie duties :D )

Lunes, Hulyo 14, 2014

my love for Messi...

( photo from the internet)

I am very happy that favorite teams Germany and Argentina are in the World Cup Finals ( and I support Spain but sadly, they lost in the first round). Im kinda confused who I am going to support but my heart tells me to support Argentina because for the love for Leo Messi.

Personally, I am not impressed on Leo Messi's performance in the competition its kinda different in his performance in the FC Barcelona. Maybe because he is pressured becuase the world has a big expectations on him. He is one of the best footballer in the world today. Most of the time the team depends on him because he is Leo Messi. But, even if I am not that impressed (coz i have high expectations on him) he still managed to play as best as he could. He is the best captain, because he leads the team very well and it really shows in every games. He still managed to be a great player, all the teams that they played against had a hard time to goal  because the team defense was very tight. But he still scored in the previous games, made assists, made some defense that leads the Argentinians to the finals game against Germany. They won all the games before they face the Germans, still they proved to the world that they are a team.

In the last match of the World Cup last night both teams and all players are all pressured coz the world are all watching them. The defense was too tight, all the ball possessions are equal, they really want to score a goal but until the end of the ninety minutes still no goal, until the extra time was given and Mario Gotze scored a goal. Happy for Germany because they won the World Cup I also feel that they will win the competetion. For me, Germany team played very well than Argentina but I support Argentina.

When  the Germans won I feel really sad for the Argentinians, I am with them all the way from day one ( and also Spain ) especially for Leo Messi. I want him to win, I want him to raise the trophy, I want him to show the world that he made it, I want him to say that he won the world cup but he didnt. I was also sad because of that defeat there are many criticisms that he received. He doesn't deserve this, and also that award that he received lots of people said that he doesn't deserve this, I mean look at the statistics he is one of the best players in the competition, look the way the he played still it was impressive even if his performance is not that good. Because of that defeat the world doubted him being the best player.

Remember:  failures inspires winners, I know this defeat will inspire and motivates Leo Messi for being the best as he could. I know this is his lowest time ever because he feels he failed his compatriots. 



Linggo, Hulyo 13, 2014

Jealousy and Insecurity

(photo from the internet)

Is there a time in your life that you are jealous of someone or something and you cant help it? No matter how you tell to your self that it is not right, and still you are jealous or insecure to them. I dont know why, and i know that it is not good.

Sometimes I feel that too, i told myself not to feel that but i feel it, i think there is a problem in me. I am happy to anyone that feels so blessed, lucky or happy in what they have. Especially when they post something in Facebook with feeling blessed post. But I cant help it but i say to my self that I hope I can feel what they are feeling too. I feel that  jealousy or insecurity but I  forget it easily. I just move on. Be happy on what they have because they deserve it. Sometimes I take it as inspiration in order for me to be happy in what I have in the future. 
Some people when they feel that jealousy or insecurity they take it personally and it will come to a point that they do something bad to others. They hold grudge and they do a bad thing in order for them to be happy. They want to see that certain person will suffer because they don't want to see them happy. Do you think when you hold grudge to others and doing something bad to others will make you happy forever? You will say yes, coz you have to defend yourself, but that happiness is just temporary, it will fade away, you have a hard time to sleep at night. You will think something is missing. Just because you feel jealous or you feel insecure your life is in chaos, you want everything is not in order because you now live in a messy life.

To feel jealous or insecure it is normal to feel that, you are human, you are not perfect. BUT  dont hold a grudge, just move on be happy on what they have, if you cant help it to feel that just pray and be positive coz life is all about positivity.  Just focus on yourself how to be productive, make  yourself happy you deserve it.



Biyernes, Hulyo 11, 2014

Thinking Memories

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( photo from the internet )

Is there an event or memories that you want to happen again or to repeat it a hundred times and wished that it will never end? Want that moment to cherish it forever with your the other half? or is it me daydreaming cherishing those memories with someone? well? well.. well.. well

There are times that we think some things happens in the past especially the happy ones, the embarrassing ones, and the sad ones, but then again we want to think the happy times. 

Every one of us wants to be happy and thinking happy thoughts are one of them especially what happened in the yesterday, the other day, from the last week or from the last year. It makes us motivated from what are we doing, it makes us to be positive view or having a good vibes. Happy thoughts makes us in love, we always see beautiful things around us even if the weather is gloomy still that weather is a beautiful one because you are happy. You can make good things because you see beauty in helping others it makes you wonderful. Because of that beautiful memories or happy thoughts you see beauty in something and everything.
Also, we cant help to think again all the embarrassing moments that what we've done, as in OMG!! Yeahh!! every time I think of something or everything what I do, It always comes in my mind all the "OMG" things that I did and for me it was the hilarious and embarrassing moments that I don't want to happen again. When I remember those things I cant help to laugh about and call myself stupid.
We cant help but to think all the sad that happened in our life especially all the failures that we've done from the past. But in those failures and mistake that we've done we learn a new lessons to be better person and we can share all the sad happenings in our life to others and it can inspire them.

We reminisce things because we want to re think things what happened to the past and it is up to us how to handle them. Remember these are all memories there are possibilities that it will repeat again or it will remain memories forever.



Martes, Hulyo 8, 2014

My World Cup Thoughts

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( photo from the internet)

Days from now is the final game of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Brazil is always in the news because of this big sporting event. The world is crazy about it, especially me. From Asia to America people talked about it. It is hard for us Asians to watch the games because of the timezone difference because of that i had sleepless nights but it is super fine with me because for the love of sports. 

My world cup experience so far is the best, even if im in the other parts of the world still I feel the world cup fever. I feel the world cup fever because it is all over the news they always feature some world cup news. Every time i watch the game i feel the enjoyment of the fans the love for the game. The players are all sensational especially my teams Spain, Germany and Argentina. I feel their determination to the game, the hard work, the discipline and the love for the game. Its all about winning. Among thirty two teams there will be one team hail as the world champions. Lets find out.

In the thirty-two teams i support three teams they are: Spain ( they are out in the competition early), Argentina and Germany ( they are in semi-finals).

  • Its very heartbreaking for me to watch Spain is out in the world cup, I know you heard in the news that they are lost against Netherlands and Chile. It is very disappointing to see because they have the best players and also they are the defending champions, well this world cup is full of surprises and Spain is out of the match is one of them.
  • Aside from the Argentinians, many football fans are supporting Argentina because of Leo Messi. He is the best footballer today, seeing him play is like taadddaaaa!! heaven!!! They are now in the semi finals, Argentina proves that this team is not all about Leo Messi is all about the whole team playing together as one.
  • Another world cup favorites is Germany, the German players are the powerhouse players in Europe. They know how to play the game not like the any teams. They know how to analyse their opponents. 
  • The host country Brazil, maaann they have also the best players, the best coach, and the crowd. Neymar being the star player of the team ended his world cup journey because of the injury. Although they have the home court advantage they prove that they know how to play game very well. 

Football fans from around the world are in Brazil right now to support their teams and to see their football players. They are soo lucky, me I just watch the games on tv and always sleepy because the match is always in dawn, well #asianproblems. All of the venues of the matches are all full Im amazed every time I watched because they are all united to cheer their team no matter what. 
Their are a lot of highlights and sidelights in this sporting event which made the world cup a colorful one. This is on the news right now and it will not be forgotten to us football fans.



Lunes, Hulyo 7, 2014

Sports Thoughts...

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(photo from the internet)

Everyone of us have different likes and wants, some likes fashion, entertainment, travelling and others, me i like and love sports. 
Sports really give me happiness, I cant explain why I do love sports. I cant explain my happiness every time I watch a game and I cant sleep well when my team lose.I have this fascination of these sports because of the will of every players to win and to make their fans happy. It gives the feel of enjoyment, the feel of nervousness, every time your team will play.The feeling that you want to cheer your team, you want to yell the opponent in order the opposing team to lose, you cant explain it, every fans will say it.

Sports is not a girl thing its a boy thing. Some people amazed at me when they know that i love sports in general. Majority, men loves sports. Actually men will exchange everything for the sake of sports. Yeahh!! even you!! Please girls don't call your boyfriend every time they watch a NBA game or a World Series because obviously they will ignore you. Girls don't disturb your boyfriend every time they will play NBA 2K14 or FIFA 14 because they will not hit the pause button just to entertain you, just give them a me time. HAHAHA!!  

There are a lot of sports out there but the type of sports that I really like are basketball, football and tennis. I don't play (coz im too old to play) but I watch and follow these sports. The information it gives is priceless plus it is an edge for us girls to know these stuffs because it is not a girl thing its a man thing. 

 These sports are really interesting and the players are very unpredictable ( plus the good looking players are like heaven... yeahh heaven..) They really give their hundred percent every time they will play and you can really say that they really love their job. Being in the sporting world is not an easy job you have to work hard, train hard in order for you to win and also you have a good team that work hard together. Having a discipline to yourself and determination will lead you to be a good player and it will made you to lead your team to be a great one. In the sporting world is all about winning or if not you will be sacked off. I think, being an athlete is a best job ever because you do what you love plus you are getting paid for it. The bad thing of an athlete is getting injured its a bad thing ever, its terrible. It is heartbreaking to see especially your favorite player is injured ohhh maaannn!! its sad!!

For the love for something people will do anything just to make it happen just like for the love of sports. For the love of sports, the players and the fans will do anything just to make their team wins (except to cheat or to take drugs its a no no..) because life is all about love and happiness..



Linggo, Hulyo 6, 2014

Dear Readers :)

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( photo from the internet )

dear readers ( if i have one )

im very sorry for being inactive for the past few weeks because my brain was inactive or for having a bloggers block (as what they say and i dont consider myself as blogger). One of the reasons,  I dont know what to write or a topic to write I hope you understand.

i think you noticed that my post are short because of my inactive brain.. im sorry.. i hope you learn something about my posts..

I will try my best to write as many as I can but if you want to suggest a topic you can ask me, I am very happy if  you readers will suggest. 

happy reading everyone  :) 

love :)