Miyerkules, Mayo 28, 2014

Those Childhood Days...

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Upon seeing some children playing outside, while seeing them happy, hearing how loud their laugh 
are. I said to my self I miss being a child. I miss playing with my childhood friends. I miss running around, jumping around and shouting around. I miss going home late because I forgot the time because I enjoyed playing around. I miss those times going home with me having my messy hair, my clothes being dirty and so sweaty and so smelly.

Childhood days is one of  the moments in our life that we cant forget. It is the time that gadgets didn't that important much as today. We enjoyed little things, every time we are with our friends. We appreciate spending time with them, doing some non- sense things. We always wondering  and curious things especially to the things that we dont know, and to the things that are new to us. Our childhood years are unforgetable ones because in those years we don't think overly much of the things around us. In those years we dont care too much because we always do the things that makes us happy.

 In our childhood days we can say that life is beautiful, life is wonderful and life is colorful. That is the time that we dont what problem is, what love is. Children are too young to think those things. We 
are so innocent, because we dont know such things. Children give joys to our parents because of the 
charms and cuteness that we have. 

If i have the chance to be a child again, I will cherish my time enjoying it because in the eyes of a child life is beautiful. You cant think things that will aggravate your feelings or the feelings of others. In the eyes of the child life is beautiful, life is colorful, life is perfect.



Lunes, Mayo 26, 2014

Green Day: "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" - [Official Video]

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You heard of the acronym LSS? means last song syndrome the song that you always sings and it stuck in your head. Even if you are not singing still you remember that song. Well that happened to me every time, especially this song from Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

I love this song very much because of the lyrics, the music and how Green Day interpreted the song. It is full of emotions.

Well this song really talks about me right now, it is my theme song of my life now. Did you feel once in your life that you feel you are alone? Do you feel that you did your best and best wasn't enough? You did your best but you always fail? Do you feel that you are in the dark alone? Well for me that is the song is all about.

Sabado, Mayo 24, 2014

Life According to My Instagram Photos

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Everyday I always post some photos in my Instagram account. I don't know why, maybe because of boredom and I like to see the photos of my favorite celebrities that I followed. We post some pictures because we want to share it to our followers and friends. In this blog entry i will post some of my photos that I've shared on Instagram.

 (from left to right)

  I'm so excited for the FIBA World Cup 90+ days till the world cup. I support Spain, Turkey and of course Philippines.  Many countries will compete for the title of being the best in the world of basketball. I know this world cup will be exciting as the last world cup held in Turkey 2010

Im very happy to witness a beautiful sunrise, especially in the city, For me its beautiful as it is the background of some buildings in the metro.

Took a photo with instagram with this historical Magellans Cross. See this post here

Life is all about dreams. Just dream and let your dreams turn into reality.

(from left to right)

Made a trashy painting. Im so bored and I saw a scratch paper and a watercolor. Even if it is ugly still I enjoyed doing it. Please excuse my painting it is too ugly.

Whatever you do just dont forget to pray. HE is always listens to you whatever what hardships you've been through. Light my candles in a daze coz i found God.

Yeah, Im a big fan of sports especially basketball. Im lucky to witness this epic Euroleague Final Four in tv.

Got this postcard from my lovely friend from Bulgaria. From Bulgaria with love.

We Just Want To Be Happy

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(photo from the internet)

We just want to be happy. More or less of us will do anything to be happy. But to obtain the happiness is not easy. Because in life has never been easy there are a lots hindrances and obstacles in order for us to be happy. I know everyone of us has been in a lot of battles, but still managed to put their smiles on their faces. By placing a smile on our faces means that we should enjoy life by doing simple things.

Who doesn't want to be happy? Everybody wants to be happy. Happiness is just a word but it has a lot of meanings. Happiness is a big word. there are a lot of definitions but for me it is hard to put a meaning in this word because everyone of us has a different meanings and a different point of views in this word. But for me happiness is doing what makes you feel proud, and doing what your heart tells you , doing what is your passion and not doing things that makes other people sad. That is my definition of happiness.

Even if you have a bad day just don't forget to put a smile in your face because it is just a bad day. There is a tomorrow to correct what did you done or to continue the good things that you've done. It is all about you being positive and having that confidence to your self. I will confess to you my dear readers ( if i have one ) im not that confident to my self because of the bad experience that ive done but that experiences taught me a lot of lesson and made me a better person than i am yesterday. But to have full of confidence takes a lot of years to gain a lot. In order for you to gain that confidence first accept all the flaws because we are not perfect. It is normal to make mistakes because it teaches you a lesson not to do it again. That is one way to obtain happiness accepting your flaws and accepting who you are.

Life is not all about the material things. Happiness is not all about how many shoes, dresses, gadgets and etc. that you have but it is all about how you put your effort, your time. You work hard for it to have that things that makes you happy. It is all about the sentimental value but then again that happiness is just temporary, it will fade away. Happiness is all about on how you put a little smiles to others, to share things that you have, to share stories to others in order for them to be inspired and that happiness will be doubled.



Martes, Mayo 20, 2014

The Art of Waiting

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Everyday of my life. i always feel there is something in me is missing, i don't know what is it, but until now still wondering what is it. Im not happy at all, i don't know what to do. Even if i am old enough will i am wondering what i want to do, still finding what interest me.

 Well having no job at all says it all. this is what makes me sad, i did my best to find one but still  i am unemployed. Some promised me to hire in their company but until now i am still waiting. Maybe what i did is not good enough but i came to the point that i gave up, because there is no use anymore i did my best and i think the destiny or whatever you call it does not want me to be happy. I came to the point that i say to myself that im done and i think this is the moment.As what i said in the past post, that i have many dreams to fulfill but then again the universe don't conspire me to fulfill my  dreams.

I think I'll just wait, but waiting is not easy because you will think that its a waste of time. You will think that you've accomplished a lot of things when that moment that you've waited has finally come, but in reality you are just waiting. You will just doing nothing because all you to do is wait,wait  and wait.

But then again while I am waiting I want to be productive, while I am in our house I practice on how to paint, but man its so hard. I am a frustrated artist I want to see myself in the art world but then again, I dont how to act, dance, paint, draw, and etc.  I am doing something that for me that will benefit me in the future.

Yeah, I admit it. I am jealous to my high school and college batch mates that they are happy now in their lives. They have their own family, their own jobs, having a love life and some of them are bullied me when i was studying. I know that life is soo fucking unfair, but not to the point in what everything i do, i always fail! well that's the irony of my life.

PS.  please don't think that i made this blog in order for me to rant to the negative things happened in my life. its not that., i write this in order for you to be aware that even if you have a bad life still there are people who loves you no matter what  and that is your family and in order for you to aware that life is not easy. there are people who are living in sadness but coping and hoping that there is still beautiful or good things that will happen in our lives.



Lunes, Mayo 19, 2014

Magellan's Cross Photo-diary

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Upon my wandering in the City of Cebu, its my first time in this historical landmark, even if I live in this province. When I went to this place I said to myself that this place is so beautiful. I only see this landmark in historical books and now I see this landmark. The place is historical because it marks the Christianity of the country when the Spanish conquistadors came and to colonize this country. This place is located beside the Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino.

 The beautiful painting in the ceiling depicts how Christianity came in the Philippines.

 Lots of tourists came in the city to visit some historical places in Cebu City and the cross is one of them.

Huwebes, Mayo 15, 2014

Another Random Thoughts

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Its not easy to accept the fact that the person you love the most, rejects you. Its is the worst feeling in the whole wide world. You better think that they dont exist in this beautiful world or vice versa. You did your best to make them happy, to make them comfortable in everything what they do, but they dont care they dont appreciate what you are doing.I am happy if I see someone especially the person that I love the most is happy, but I am happier if we are two are happy. Sharing some stories, some wierdness, some craziness and laughing like there is no tomorrow. But its not the eay it is, its different, what you think the happy thoughts is just a dream away. Sometimes you will think that its better to be alone than to be with someone who doesn like you or doesnt care at you at all.
I accepted the fact that I am not a perfect person, its a cliche because nobody is perfect. The fact that many times that you tried your best, the fact that how many times you said to yourself that that its normal to fail and to cry but it doesnt change the fact that you rejected that you failed.You want to be happy, I want to be happy, we want to be happy. Of course why not?  We seek happiness. There are may ways to seek happiness its a big journey, you have to do anything just to find your happiness but finding what makes you happy is not easy.Sometimes we like to be alone just to find ourself, some will go to other places just to be alone. To think things, we think better when we are alone, we can make decisions that make us happy. Being alone sometimes can make us happy, others want to escape the reality and just do what they love.

In reality, we always struggle they are many obstacles that we may face in our everyday lives, its up to you if you face it or not. Everything what we do has its consequences and because of that we should think twice or thrice in every decisions and in everything what we do.  In every failure, in every mistakes that we do we learn something and because of that we became stronger and to decide not to do it again.



Linggo, Mayo 11, 2014

Basilica del Sto.Nino Photodiary

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When  I am always in Cebu City I always visits this wonderful, historical place. It is one of my favorite place on Earth. When I am here I find peace and harmony, I feel the holiness of this place. Lot of devotees will come here to pray, to give thanks and to visit this historical place.

I always feel the Spanish vibe here because of these beautiful Spanish Architecture, This Basilica is one of the oldest church here in the Philippines. Way back in the history of the country, the Spanish conquistadors conquered the country in more than 300 years ago. the spot of the church where they found the image of the child Jesus. According to my bestfriend Wikipedia, a statue depicting the Holy Child Jesus was found in 1565 by Spanish explorers led by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. The image is the same statue given by Ferdinand Magellan to the wife of Rajah Humabon as a gift over forty years after Humabon's baptism to Christianity on April 14, 1521. It was found by a soldier preserved in a burnt wooden box after Legazpi razed the village of hostile natives.

There are a lot of tourists coming here in Cebu City and always in their itinerary is to visit the basilica.

  But sadly, due to the earthquake hit the province last year the belfry and the facade of the church was collapsed and the church is still closed.

Even if the church is still closed, there are some parts of the church are open for the devotees and tourists. You really feel the Spanish vibe here, really like the architecture very much I feel like Im in a Spanish City. Upon entering you will see paintings depicting how the Christianity introduced by the Spanish missionaries/conquistadors here to the natives.Until now there are a lot of  people coming here to show their love and devotion to the Child Jesus.