Biyernes, Hulyo 7, 2017

It is been awhile

It is been awhile.. it is been three years since I wrote my last post. There are lots of changes that happened in my life for the last three years. That changes mold me into what and who I am today. I am in denial stage right now, the sadness is within me. I don't know what do next because in everything that I do there are always consequences. Consequences that makes me sadder, day by day the sadness weakens me. There is a point in my life that I want to give up, maybe the universe conspires me to be sad right now, very ironic.

I broke my mantras in life, I did some things that I wasn't planned. Whatever I do I can't escape the reality that I'm into right now. They are right, love is blind and so do I. I was blinded by life and which I regretted right now. There are buts and ifs in my life right now and I am very confused on what to do...

(Photo grabbed from Typewritersvoice)

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