Lunes, Marso 31, 2014

The Joy of Missing Out and Failure.

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I just read a magazine article with its title the Joy of Missing Out. The article is so me, i dont know why there is happiness when i read this article, different from the articles that i read. The Joy of Missing out or what they called JOMO is defined as about fighting the natural urge simply to follow trends, and having the guts to sit one out (Cosmopolitan Australia March Issue).

They said I've been missing out because nothing happened extraordinary in my ordinary life. In my age, I should have accomplished something well in reality there is nothing happened extraordinary. They compared my self from the others, and I said you are not me and you don't know what I've been through to compare myself to the others and I believe to the saying that "timing is everything" and "patience is a virtue".

I am enjoying myself being jobless that is being a JOMO!! because i learn something extraordinary. Enjoy myself being young at 21.

I always find joy by being alone, I am not a loner I have many friends but I like to take some time alone. Like alone in my bedroom reading some books, surf the net, watching tv and others. Many says im not that productive in my age right now i should have a job  (yes, I am jobless now i think for a year now) just graduated last year and heck im always in my bedroom and i fucking enjoyed it.. HAHAHA!! Kidding aside i always find a job but i always screwed in job interviews i don't know why!! But its fine maybe it not my time to have a job as what my mum says. I accepted the fact that i always fail in job interviews and because of that its one of the reason that made me stronger FAILURE!! My friends have their jobs now but i don't think that they are happy, they are struggling and complaining, they said that they better don't have a job than to earn a little salary and i said that the experience that counts and not the money The experience that you've learn are countless and you always start at the bottom and when you are struggling then you are learning. Well back to me, being a jobless it opens me the reality what the real world is, for me the world is cruel and I dont put it in negative side instead i put in a bright side. I didnt stop dreaming, finding jobs, being open what the world has to offer and love? well its not my thing.. HAHAHA!!

I have many plans and I have a dream job. I am a dreamer, my mum and my idol said to follow my dreams no matter what and with prayer and hard work you can do what your plans and dreams are. Just be strong enough to all the trials that will come in your life that is the best achievement that you will made. HIHIHI :)



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