Miyerkules, Agosto 6, 2014

DIY ( on Fashion)

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On my last post ( see here ) I posted some photos of my wedding ideas, yeahh i posted it very advanced (well its just my plan to post my wedding plans, I hope it will come true ). On my next post I  will show you my favorite DIY ( Do It Yourself ) fashion in Pinterest.

These DIY will give us some ideas to make fashion more creative and affordable. It doesnt mean that you can afford to buy new clothes that you cant do some DIY ideas.  Doing some DIY projects will save money, makes us more resourceful, more creative, and having some fun.!! The more artistic you are the more ideas you can do. In Pinterest there are unlimited if ideas that you can found there

These are the my favorite DIY Fashion Projects found in Pinterest!!

( photo from pinterest )

(photo from pinterest)
(photo from pinterest)
(photo from pinterest)
(photo from pinterest)

( photo from pinterest)

(photo from pinterest)



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