Biyernes, Agosto 22, 2014

Hello, There


August will come to an end. I noticed that this month Im so busy, but not busy as a bee. Procrastination is one of my problem, I want to change it. I have many things to do because being in the graduate school is not easy. Reporting's and doing some assignments are so many, I think that multitasking is not my thing. I have to change my habit, because these are not healthy to me. In the graduate school you have to know everything and this is not my thing. I have a big adjustment to make, but I know I can do it.

What I like in my new environment is that I have a lot of things to know. New colleagues, new habits, new learning's and everything, this is I want to do. A breath of new fresh air to me. I realized that I have many things to do and to learn. Though I am exhausted and pressured still I am happy.

I miss blogging, I miss the blogging world. I miss to write blog entries because I am tired writing reaction papers and writing reaction papers are not my thing. I am comfortable in writing blog entry because there are no restrictions and you are free to write anything and there are no right and wrong in writing blog entries, unlike in writing reaction papers and finalizing your reports. Writer's block is my problem, I think my brain is still adjusting to the new environment and I hope I can think things that are out of the box. 

I will do my best to keep in touch with you guys because blogging is my new love, my new boyfriend. I have to do my best to write everything so that my readers have something to read. It is a big thing for me.



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