Martes, Setyembre 23, 2014

A Late Bloomer's Thoughts

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Do you want to do new things that you are afraid to do it because you know you cant? Do you want to do something that is out of the box? You want to know something but you are afraid that it will hurt you? 

 I'm on my early twenties I realized that I haven't go far in terms of  my career, Im still finding doing things what I love and what I want to do. I just realized that I am a late bloomer and it makes me what I am. Still I'm in the first chapter in a book that still thinking what the story of my book will be. It would be a adventure genre, love genre or action genre. But I prefer a adventure genre because my life is soo boring  that I don't even  have a social or a love life.
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  • People same as my age, that throw their own callings, I can suppose that they know what they want to get along in their lifetime because it really depicted in their faces that they recognize what they doing and they are excelling in what they are serving.  To be honest, I'm jealous at them because as early as their age they are successful unlike me always staring at the ceiling while lying in bed, wandering what I want to do. 

Now, I realized something and I want to risk it, I want to try it. Life is all about risking something in order for you to know that what you are doing is right and risks what you want to do is a big challenge. I think this risk will be in the first chapter of my so called book.



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