Martes, Setyembre 9, 2014

Significant Other's Indifference

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 Being in love and being loved is the best feeling in the world. We want to be loved. We want to cherish the time to be with our significant other. We can share our thoughts, our craziness, the love and among others to the love of our life. To those who find their other half well you are soo blessed because you find that person and that person finds you that loves you whatever and whoever you are. It is hard to find the the love of your life nowadays.

Everyone of us wants to find their significant other, but it is not easy. We have different personalities and flaws that will define us who and what we are. Finding our dream guy or girl is not easy as we think. We have our own standards in finding the other half that will kinda change our whole life.

The physical standard is the top on my list. I mean most of us are easily attracted to those people that are beautiful and handsome. We try our best to look presentable to others. We want that our other half  that are attractive. But looks is just looks it will fade away. Personality is the most important at all. Another one is the personality. For me personality and values are very important because that makes who you are. We are not perfect, that is the plot twist. Not all personalities well blend, it really needs an acceptance to each other so that you will know that you like each other.

There are a lot of things to consider when you will find your significant other. The important thing is you will love each other whatever odds that will be. You understand each other that is very important. You will accept each other faults, imperfections, the past. How will you decide your future if you don't know your significant other's past? Take your relationship very seriously because it is not easy to be played, to be hurt and taken for granted. We don't want to get hurt, that is why we will think many times who will our significant other's will be. When you are in a relationship you have to brace yourself that not every-time is a happy-time there will be times that you will argue and have a misunderstandings, but it just normal it will test you if you are compatible with your significant other and how you will handle yourself in times like this. Don't forget, make the Lord to be the center of your relationship, because all is possible with Lord.



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  1. Relationship with God is the best relationship you can have. Great post.