Biyernes, Abril 25, 2014

The Art of Being Alone

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I have some friends to talk to, to hanging out with, to keep and share secrets with, stick in good and bad times, sharing my craziness with and to cry with. I love my friends to death, I am thankful to have them, and I know they feel the same to me too.. I love my family they mean my world to me, because of them  I am living my dreams. Do you feel sometimes that you want to be alone? you want to escape the reality? you want to escape the busy city and you want to go to another place alone?

I love to be alone, I am ambivert person which I am comfortable with groups and social interaction but also spends time alone away from crowd. I think everyone have that characteristics, because sometimes we need to be alone, we can think things clearer and we can decide things.Everyday I am always in my bedroom, watching tv alone, surfing the net, listening to net, and reading books. Being in my bedroom gives me happiness, I feel I am perfect I can do whatever I like, coz no one is judging me. I can sing and i can dance ( I love to sing and dance but they doesn't like me ). I can meditate and think things, where I can make my decisions. I have my own world, and this is the place where I am happy the most.

I love to be alone, there are many perks about it, but when i see some people having fun with their friends, i see couples enjoying good time together, I see their child having some moments with their parents especially their moms. I feel I hope i can experience that too, As I read a quote in tumblr it says " I like being alone but I don't fancy being lonely. For me being alone and lonely are different. Sometimes you find happiness being alone while being lonely you are being sad all the time.



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