Miyerkules, Abril 23, 2014

Perfect Imperfections

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Everyone of us have flaws even if how beautiful and handsome you are. Even if people look at you as if you have a perfect life, you feel that something is missing. You have a great time with your significant one, friends and families but sometimes you want to spend your time alone. You want to wander something that how far will you go, you want to achieve something and to prove others that they are fucking wrong, you just want to escape the reality by listening to music or just traveling alone.

Sometimes in my life I came to the point that I don't know what to do, confused want will I gonna do in my life, until now still I don't know what are my talents, some people said that I am a late bloomer. Well, whatever.. i will discover them but not now. I can say to myself that I am the Queen of Flaws, I just feel it I don't know why. I know I'm not that beautiful but I have the looks that wander you if this person is gay or a girl. HAHAHA!! I have the looks that will wander you also if this girl is talking in front of you is a Filipina or  an Indian girl. (some people asking me if i have an Indian blood). I am pure Filipina and I'm proud of it :)

Im not perfect,I have may flaws. I remember when I was in my elementary years my classmate always tease me because of my big eyes.. like WUT?!  and some hurtful words that made me cry for the whole day. When I was in my high school years same dilemma again, they teased me and the worst part is they bullied me, I remembered there was a week i was crying and crying because some of my classmates embarrassed me in front of my classmates. I just lost hope at that time, I don't know what to do, that was one of the unforgettable moment happened in my life. I feel in that time, that I was the ugliest person in the whole wide world, I feel that I was alone, no one comforted me at that time, I have friends but they dont care at all, (but for me they are not my real friends, cause they also hurt me.) I hate myself about it. I hate everyone around me, I don't care at them, I wish they will all die (at that time), I wish they feel what I felt bullying and teasing me ( I didn't do anything bad against them,I don't know why they did that to me). I lost faith in myself, I lost my confidence, I dont trust anyone, I've been struggling and always find my self worth.

Days came, months came,.. I realized that if I always crying, pity myself, being alone nothing will happen to myself I will be lonely forever. I dont want that to happen. So, I accepted all my flaws, my imperfections. I dont care what people will say about me. It is my life anyway. I will do anything what I want as long as no one will hurt, I want to see others happy.

Being a beautiful is not all about make-up, having fancy clothes, having a lavish lifestyle. Being beautiful is all about accepting your flaws and being confident, making others happy, being true to yourself. Forget what happened in the past because it will leave you scars, move on because what important is your present and plan your future,coz this is all about how will you live this life,,.



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