Miyerkules, Abril 16, 2014

An Online Stalker

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We lived in this generation where our lives are as easy as 123 and as easy a ABC in terms of  finding new friends and in finding new relationships. Social media is the key why we have new found friends, we share the same thoughts interest and some opinions even if you have different timezone. Sometimes in their timelines you can identify his/her personality even you don't know him personally. Sometimes there are some online users are very open in what happened in their everyday life, some are posting what they had eaten in their lunch, where they are going, plans in their Holy Week or summer vacation, what they are watching or reading and among others.

Speaking of social media, my day wouldn't be complete without checking my facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts. I don't know why i got hooked with these, it simply gives me a smile by looking some pictures, reading some statuses and articles, and annoyed to the shallow status that are posted, (Bipolar here, HAHAHA). But recently I saw myself looking at this man's timeline everyday I don't know why I am super happy reading his status (his daily dilemma), looking his narcissistic photos and reading some long notes. And I ended up looking all his photos way back two years ago and also I looking his sisters profiles.. HAHAHA!! I ended up stalking him online and also I have admired him in his wit and charm. He is not that good looking but he is charming and he is very intelligent. He really inspires me everyday HAHAHA!! because of his wit and charm and how he sees his life (his life is an open book because he always posted what happened to him everyday). But i dont see myself ended up with him because he doesnt know that I am existed in this beautiful world, and Im intimidated with him because he is so intelligent and to his social circle that he belonged. And we are opposite to each other he is talented and I am not. And I am happy that he will ended up with someone that he likes and i know he will happy with that girl.

Well, you think that I am creepy. HAHAHA!! No Im not, Im just looking for an inspiration in order for me to be happy at least for a while. He never failed to amuse me because of his humor. Online stalking is also good because you have an idea of his personality, his likes and dislikes. You will save time and effort in discovering what he is doing in that day. But too much is addiction, just give some time in watching his profile maybe some minutes so that your day would not occupy thinking of his cute pictures.

Enjoy your day and dont forget looking your crush profile. :)



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  1. lol! this reminds me, i have a crush from so long ago and i check on him every now and then hehe you can call it stalking XD

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    Mga Tugon
    1. HAHAHAHA!!! well thanks for reading and I always visits your blog :)