Miyerkules, Abril 9, 2014

The Reality of My Summer Vacation..

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In Philippines we experiencing summer during the months of March-May, unlike in western countries these months they experienced Spring. The weather is so good and the humidity makes you go to the beach, eating some cool desserts, going out with friends or families. During summer there are may destinations that many people would like to go to. The resorts and hotels are fully booked (especially now Holy Week is approaching) and discovering undiscovered summer getaway. Enjoying summer heat and making their summer vacation a memorable one. 

But, the reality is HAHAHA!! I'm dreaming of these, I'm looking forward for summer because, maybe I have the opportunity to travel alone or to travel with my family. Every summer I'm hoping maybe i could travel one day, Its my ultimate dream to be a backpack traveler, doing a travel blog, doing a travel show and wandering and travelling the country alone. Maybe, that is the reason why i studied Tourism Management because for the love of travelling, but I don't have the opportunity to travel because of money problems, but I've been in a few places that I will treasure forever and that was unforgettable experience for me. I like to travel not only summer time but throughout the year. To be honest, I'm kinda jealous to the people who have the opportunity to travel, I don't know why HAHAHA!! maybe because they have the chance to explore the place, having that summer experience, and a chance to be alone in a new beautiful place. 

Still hoping one day I will travel in God's time ;)

(some pictures of my few travels)

Have a great summer vacation everyone



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