Lunes, Abril 28, 2014

Shebang's Random Thoughts

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The month of April will come to an end, I will post my random thoughts throughout the month :) 

The month of April will come to an end, so in the first day of May you will see some post in your news feed that says " Please May  be good to me" posts. I brace myself about that. For me, its kinda annoying because every month I always see that kind of posts. 

The summer sun is heating up, its very hot and because of that I'm not feeling (as I write this post, sore throat is annoying me). Whatever I do the hotness of the sun is killing me. I wish it will rain..

Im in halfway finishing reading my favorite book the Alchemist. I really love the novel because it really inspires me to believe and follow my dreams.

Its now Playoffs season baby! My day wouldn't complete if I don't have the opportunity to watch a single NBA playoffs game. Every games give me thrills and happiness. I am a Dallas Maverick fan, I love Mavericks with all my heart. Dirk Nowitzki is my all time favorite NBA player. I am Mavs Fan For Life!!

Football season is about to end Spanish League, English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, EUFA Europa League. Yes I follow football games especially European Football Leagues, but it doesn't mean that I watch all the matches, well not all, but I am updated to some scores and some football news.

I like to stay up late at night, I dont know why I am not sleepy in the wee hours in the morning. Im just watching TV or surfing the net. But in the morning I always wake up late, nocturnal ehh,? (life of a jobless)

I have the chance to talk with my crush!! OMG!! but not personally, really thanked God that there is a yeahh!! I asked him some questions and he answered it. (whatever you call it, but i am happy). I can say that he is very intelligent, fucking love his wit and charm. Slowly but surely I stopped stalking him in facebook because its kinda creepy.

I spent my Holy Week together with my family, Its our yearly tradition to attend processions and to avoid to eat meat, but in this year I didnt follow it, I ate meat but for me its fine. 

If I have the chance to cut my hair, I would like to cut is super short pixie cut to be specific. The reasons are: the hotness of the weather, to look different, to have my own style. But I look super creepy and ugly to have short hair.

Lastly im sad because one of the best football coach in the entire world, passed away. Rest In Peace Tito Villanova. He was a FC Barcelona coach, he made records when he was managing the team. He died at very young age of 45, he died because of cancer.

So I hope you liked my random thoughts, coz its all about quirkiness  and being unpredictable well that's one of my characteristics. Im random and weird, they said that being weird is the side effect of being awesome. Be weird and Be awesome. 



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