Sabado, Abril 19, 2014

The Power of Over Thinking

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Everyday we use our brains in everything we do, even if we are sleeping we use our brains by dreaming or sometimes our inner body clock. As what my best friend wikipedia said "Thinking can refer to the act of producing thoughts or the process of producing thoughts. In spite of the fact that thought is a fundamental human activity familiar to everyone, there is no generally accepted agreement as to what thought is or how it is created". I'll tell you honestly that definition above is so deep that I kinda hardly understand, but somehow i think that, that's kinda deep.. but to much thinking can lead you to over thinking and it is not good.

I'm a fanatic of confusion and over thinking, and i think I have a condition right now and i think that they call it a  depression or bipolar I don't know what. But I don't seek medical help, I just having a thought about it. My brain of mine usually thinks of things that doesn't exist and leads me to confusion. I think things that will make another problem and thinking again about the possible solution of that fucking problem. Im a fan of daydreaming, dreaming about things that I wish it happened on me right now, and it leads me being a happy girl in 1 minute.

How to get out in this over thinking things? 

In my case I always do this in order for me to get out in this over think problems:
  • Always listen to music. 
  • I always sleep.
  • Reading books
  • Surfing the net/ watching television
  • Have a conversation with family
Having a productive lifestyle will make you happy and will not think things that will lead you in confusion and overthinking.



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