Sabado, Mayo 24, 2014

We Just Want To Be Happy

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We just want to be happy. More or less of us will do anything to be happy. But to obtain the happiness is not easy. Because in life has never been easy there are a lots hindrances and obstacles in order for us to be happy. I know everyone of us has been in a lot of battles, but still managed to put their smiles on their faces. By placing a smile on our faces means that we should enjoy life by doing simple things.

Who doesn't want to be happy? Everybody wants to be happy. Happiness is just a word but it has a lot of meanings. Happiness is a big word. there are a lot of definitions but for me it is hard to put a meaning in this word because everyone of us has a different meanings and a different point of views in this word. But for me happiness is doing what makes you feel proud, and doing what your heart tells you , doing what is your passion and not doing things that makes other people sad. That is my definition of happiness.

Even if you have a bad day just don't forget to put a smile in your face because it is just a bad day. There is a tomorrow to correct what did you done or to continue the good things that you've done. It is all about you being positive and having that confidence to your self. I will confess to you my dear readers ( if i have one ) im not that confident to my self because of the bad experience that ive done but that experiences taught me a lot of lesson and made me a better person than i am yesterday. But to have full of confidence takes a lot of years to gain a lot. In order for you to gain that confidence first accept all the flaws because we are not perfect. It is normal to make mistakes because it teaches you a lesson not to do it again. That is one way to obtain happiness accepting your flaws and accepting who you are.

Life is not all about the material things. Happiness is not all about how many shoes, dresses, gadgets and etc. that you have but it is all about how you put your effort, your time. You work hard for it to have that things that makes you happy. It is all about the sentimental value but then again that happiness is just temporary, it will fade away. Happiness is all about on how you put a little smiles to others, to share things that you have, to share stories to others in order for them to be inspired and that happiness will be doubled.



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