Miyerkules, Mayo 28, 2014

Those Childhood Days...

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Upon seeing some children playing outside, while seeing them happy, hearing how loud their laugh 
are. I said to my self I miss being a child. I miss playing with my childhood friends. I miss running around, jumping around and shouting around. I miss going home late because I forgot the time because I enjoyed playing around. I miss those times going home with me having my messy hair, my clothes being dirty and so sweaty and so smelly.

Childhood days is one of  the moments in our life that we cant forget. It is the time that gadgets didn't that important much as today. We enjoyed little things, every time we are with our friends. We appreciate spending time with them, doing some non- sense things. We always wondering  and curious things especially to the things that we dont know, and to the things that are new to us. Our childhood years are unforgetable ones because in those years we don't think overly much of the things around us. In those years we dont care too much because we always do the things that makes us happy.

 In our childhood days we can say that life is beautiful, life is wonderful and life is colorful. That is the time that we dont what problem is, what love is. Children are too young to think those things. We 
are so innocent, because we dont know such things. Children give joys to our parents because of the 
charms and cuteness that we have. 

If i have the chance to be a child again, I will cherish my time enjoying it because in the eyes of a child life is beautiful. You cant think things that will aggravate your feelings or the feelings of others. In the eyes of the child life is beautiful, life is colorful, life is perfect.



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  1. Love reading this post, and you're right, our childhood is something we cant and wont forget because it one of the most important/special events of our life <3

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  2. thank you :) happy to hear that :)