Sabado, Mayo 24, 2014

Life According to My Instagram Photos

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Everyday I always post some photos in my Instagram account. I don't know why, maybe because of boredom and I like to see the photos of my favorite celebrities that I followed. We post some pictures because we want to share it to our followers and friends. In this blog entry i will post some of my photos that I've shared on Instagram.

 (from left to right)

  I'm so excited for the FIBA World Cup 90+ days till the world cup. I support Spain, Turkey and of course Philippines.  Many countries will compete for the title of being the best in the world of basketball. I know this world cup will be exciting as the last world cup held in Turkey 2010

Im very happy to witness a beautiful sunrise, especially in the city, For me its beautiful as it is the background of some buildings in the metro.

Took a photo with instagram with this historical Magellans Cross. See this post here

Life is all about dreams. Just dream and let your dreams turn into reality.

(from left to right)

Made a trashy painting. Im so bored and I saw a scratch paper and a watercolor. Even if it is ugly still I enjoyed doing it. Please excuse my painting it is too ugly.

Whatever you do just dont forget to pray. HE is always listens to you whatever what hardships you've been through. Light my candles in a daze coz i found God.

Yeah, Im a big fan of sports especially basketball. Im lucky to witness this epic Euroleague Final Four in tv.

Got this postcard from my lovely friend from Bulgaria. From Bulgaria with love.

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