Huwebes, Mayo 15, 2014

Another Random Thoughts

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Its not easy to accept the fact that the person you love the most, rejects you. Its is the worst feeling in the whole wide world. You better think that they dont exist in this beautiful world or vice versa. You did your best to make them happy, to make them comfortable in everything what they do, but they dont care they dont appreciate what you are doing.I am happy if I see someone especially the person that I love the most is happy, but I am happier if we are two are happy. Sharing some stories, some wierdness, some craziness and laughing like there is no tomorrow. But its not the eay it is, its different, what you think the happy thoughts is just a dream away. Sometimes you will think that its better to be alone than to be with someone who doesn like you or doesnt care at you at all.
I accepted the fact that I am not a perfect person, its a cliche because nobody is perfect. The fact that many times that you tried your best, the fact that how many times you said to yourself that that its normal to fail and to cry but it doesnt change the fact that you rejected that you failed.You want to be happy, I want to be happy, we want to be happy. Of course why not?  We seek happiness. There are may ways to seek happiness its a big journey, you have to do anything just to find your happiness but finding what makes you happy is not easy.Sometimes we like to be alone just to find ourself, some will go to other places just to be alone. To think things, we think better when we are alone, we can make decisions that make us happy. Being alone sometimes can make us happy, others want to escape the reality and just do what they love.

In reality, we always struggle they are many obstacles that we may face in our everyday lives, its up to you if you face it or not. Everything what we do has its consequences and because of that we should think twice or thrice in every decisions and in everything what we do.  In every failure, in every mistakes that we do we learn something and because of that we became stronger and to decide not to do it again.



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