Martes, Hulyo 8, 2014

My World Cup Thoughts

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Days from now is the final game of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Brazil is always in the news because of this big sporting event. The world is crazy about it, especially me. From Asia to America people talked about it. It is hard for us Asians to watch the games because of the timezone difference because of that i had sleepless nights but it is super fine with me because for the love of sports. 

My world cup experience so far is the best, even if im in the other parts of the world still I feel the world cup fever. I feel the world cup fever because it is all over the news they always feature some world cup news. Every time i watch the game i feel the enjoyment of the fans the love for the game. The players are all sensational especially my teams Spain, Germany and Argentina. I feel their determination to the game, the hard work, the discipline and the love for the game. Its all about winning. Among thirty two teams there will be one team hail as the world champions. Lets find out.

In the thirty-two teams i support three teams they are: Spain ( they are out in the competition early), Argentina and Germany ( they are in semi-finals).

  • Its very heartbreaking for me to watch Spain is out in the world cup, I know you heard in the news that they are lost against Netherlands and Chile. It is very disappointing to see because they have the best players and also they are the defending champions, well this world cup is full of surprises and Spain is out of the match is one of them.
  • Aside from the Argentinians, many football fans are supporting Argentina because of Leo Messi. He is the best footballer today, seeing him play is like taadddaaaa!! heaven!!! They are now in the semi finals, Argentina proves that this team is not all about Leo Messi is all about the whole team playing together as one.
  • Another world cup favorites is Germany, the German players are the powerhouse players in Europe. They know how to play the game not like the any teams. They know how to analyse their opponents. 
  • The host country Brazil, maaann they have also the best players, the best coach, and the crowd. Neymar being the star player of the team ended his world cup journey because of the injury. Although they have the home court advantage they prove that they know how to play game very well. 

Football fans from around the world are in Brazil right now to support their teams and to see their football players. They are soo lucky, me I just watch the games on tv and always sleepy because the match is always in dawn, well #asianproblems. All of the venues of the matches are all full Im amazed every time I watched because they are all united to cheer their team no matter what. 
Their are a lot of highlights and sidelights in this sporting event which made the world cup a colorful one. This is on the news right now and it will not be forgotten to us football fans.



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