Lunes, Hulyo 7, 2014

Sports Thoughts...

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Everyone of us have different likes and wants, some likes fashion, entertainment, travelling and others, me i like and love sports. 
Sports really give me happiness, I cant explain why I do love sports. I cant explain my happiness every time I watch a game and I cant sleep well when my team lose.I have this fascination of these sports because of the will of every players to win and to make their fans happy. It gives the feel of enjoyment, the feel of nervousness, every time your team will play.The feeling that you want to cheer your team, you want to yell the opponent in order the opposing team to lose, you cant explain it, every fans will say it.

Sports is not a girl thing its a boy thing. Some people amazed at me when they know that i love sports in general. Majority, men loves sports. Actually men will exchange everything for the sake of sports. Yeahh!! even you!! Please girls don't call your boyfriend every time they watch a NBA game or a World Series because obviously they will ignore you. Girls don't disturb your boyfriend every time they will play NBA 2K14 or FIFA 14 because they will not hit the pause button just to entertain you, just give them a me time. HAHAHA!!  

There are a lot of sports out there but the type of sports that I really like are basketball, football and tennis. I don't play (coz im too old to play) but I watch and follow these sports. The information it gives is priceless plus it is an edge for us girls to know these stuffs because it is not a girl thing its a man thing. 

 These sports are really interesting and the players are very unpredictable ( plus the good looking players are like heaven... yeahh heaven..) They really give their hundred percent every time they will play and you can really say that they really love their job. Being in the sporting world is not an easy job you have to work hard, train hard in order for you to win and also you have a good team that work hard together. Having a discipline to yourself and determination will lead you to be a good player and it will made you to lead your team to be a great one. In the sporting world is all about winning or if not you will be sacked off. I think, being an athlete is a best job ever because you do what you love plus you are getting paid for it. The bad thing of an athlete is getting injured its a bad thing ever, its terrible. It is heartbreaking to see especially your favorite player is injured ohhh maaannn!! its sad!!

For the love for something people will do anything just to make it happen just like for the love of sports. For the love of sports, the players and the fans will do anything just to make their team wins (except to cheat or to take drugs its a no no..) because life is all about love and happiness..



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