Lunes, Hulyo 28, 2014

Music Monday

Starting this Monday I will post some of my favorite song, which I call Music Monday  (based on my random thought,.. lol )

The first song that I"ll feature is Do or Die from my favorite band Thirty Seconds To Mars

Enjoy!! :)

Do or Die song is one of my favorite song of Thirty Seconds To Mars in their new album Love Lust Faith + Dreams. This is one of the songs that I always listen to my playlist. Though I love all the Mars song but this one really inspires me to dream.

The music video is one of the epic music video that I've ever seen because it is all about the us "Echelon" who loves the band soo much. The band dont treat the Echelons as fan,supporters, the band treats us a family and the Echelons treat each other as a family, that makes us different. The video and the songs teach us to follow our dreams no matter what and believe our songs no matter what...

Happy Monday Everyone :)



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  1. Very unusual introduction to the song. Sounds quite cool though and the concept of treating the fans as family :))

    Lu |