Martes, Hulyo 29, 2014

Life According to Instagram Pictures II

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Lately, my Instagram post is all about The World Cup. All the statistics, the memes, pictures of my favorite teams and players. I dont know why I just get hooked of the World Cup fever. I post some World Cup pictures because i noticed that all of my post is my selfie photos and I want something unique to post. 

When I share some photos about World Cup, I share my thoughts and feelings towards the match. All my observations, the way how the teams play. my sympathy to the players when they lost the match and my happiness that I watched a match despite of the timezone difference.

The World Cup has ended, Germany won the Cup. It will written in the history that they won the World Cup, not only once, not twice or thrice but four times.What a great achievement!! I miss all the World Cup news that I always see in my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. The trash talks, the commentaries, and among others. See you in the next World Cup in Russia in the year 2018. I wish I could watch it live...



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