Linggo, Hulyo 13, 2014

Jealousy and Insecurity

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Is there a time in your life that you are jealous of someone or something and you cant help it? No matter how you tell to your self that it is not right, and still you are jealous or insecure to them. I dont know why, and i know that it is not good.

Sometimes I feel that too, i told myself not to feel that but i feel it, i think there is a problem in me. I am happy to anyone that feels so blessed, lucky or happy in what they have. Especially when they post something in Facebook with feeling blessed post. But I cant help it but i say to my self that I hope I can feel what they are feeling too. I feel that  jealousy or insecurity but I  forget it easily. I just move on. Be happy on what they have because they deserve it. Sometimes I take it as inspiration in order for me to be happy in what I have in the future. 
Some people when they feel that jealousy or insecurity they take it personally and it will come to a point that they do something bad to others. They hold grudge and they do a bad thing in order for them to be happy. They want to see that certain person will suffer because they don't want to see them happy. Do you think when you hold grudge to others and doing something bad to others will make you happy forever? You will say yes, coz you have to defend yourself, but that happiness is just temporary, it will fade away, you have a hard time to sleep at night. You will think something is missing. Just because you feel jealous or you feel insecure your life is in chaos, you want everything is not in order because you now live in a messy life.

To feel jealous or insecure it is normal to feel that, you are human, you are not perfect. BUT  dont hold a grudge, just move on be happy on what they have, if you cant help it to feel that just pray and be positive coz life is all about positivity.  Just focus on yourself how to be productive, make  yourself happy you deserve it.



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