Biyernes, Hulyo 11, 2014

Thinking Memories

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Is there an event or memories that you want to happen again or to repeat it a hundred times and wished that it will never end? Want that moment to cherish it forever with your the other half? or is it me daydreaming cherishing those memories with someone? well? well.. well.. well

There are times that we think some things happens in the past especially the happy ones, the embarrassing ones, and the sad ones, but then again we want to think the happy times. 

Every one of us wants to be happy and thinking happy thoughts are one of them especially what happened in the yesterday, the other day, from the last week or from the last year. It makes us motivated from what are we doing, it makes us to be positive view or having a good vibes. Happy thoughts makes us in love, we always see beautiful things around us even if the weather is gloomy still that weather is a beautiful one because you are happy. You can make good things because you see beauty in helping others it makes you wonderful. Because of that beautiful memories or happy thoughts you see beauty in something and everything.
Also, we cant help to think again all the embarrassing moments that what we've done, as in OMG!! Yeahh!! every time I think of something or everything what I do, It always comes in my mind all the "OMG" things that I did and for me it was the hilarious and embarrassing moments that I don't want to happen again. When I remember those things I cant help to laugh about and call myself stupid.
We cant help but to think all the sad that happened in our life especially all the failures that we've done from the past. But in those failures and mistake that we've done we learn a new lessons to be better person and we can share all the sad happenings in our life to others and it can inspire them.

We reminisce things because we want to re think things what happened to the past and it is up to us how to handle them. Remember these are all memories there are possibilities that it will repeat again or it will remain memories forever.



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