Lunes, Hulyo 14, 2014

my love for Messi...

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I am very happy that favorite teams Germany and Argentina are in the World Cup Finals ( and I support Spain but sadly, they lost in the first round). Im kinda confused who I am going to support but my heart tells me to support Argentina because for the love for Leo Messi.

Personally, I am not impressed on Leo Messi's performance in the competition its kinda different in his performance in the FC Barcelona. Maybe because he is pressured becuase the world has a big expectations on him. He is one of the best footballer in the world today. Most of the time the team depends on him because he is Leo Messi. But, even if I am not that impressed (coz i have high expectations on him) he still managed to play as best as he could. He is the best captain, because he leads the team very well and it really shows in every games. He still managed to be a great player, all the teams that they played against had a hard time to goal  because the team defense was very tight. But he still scored in the previous games, made assists, made some defense that leads the Argentinians to the finals game against Germany. They won all the games before they face the Germans, still they proved to the world that they are a team.

In the last match of the World Cup last night both teams and all players are all pressured coz the world are all watching them. The defense was too tight, all the ball possessions are equal, they really want to score a goal but until the end of the ninety minutes still no goal, until the extra time was given and Mario Gotze scored a goal. Happy for Germany because they won the World Cup I also feel that they will win the competetion. For me, Germany team played very well than Argentina but I support Argentina.

When  the Germans won I feel really sad for the Argentinians, I am with them all the way from day one ( and also Spain ) especially for Leo Messi. I want him to win, I want him to raise the trophy, I want him to show the world that he made it, I want him to say that he won the world cup but he didnt. I was also sad because of that defeat there are many criticisms that he received. He doesn't deserve this, and also that award that he received lots of people said that he doesn't deserve this, I mean look at the statistics he is one of the best players in the competition, look the way the he played still it was impressive even if his performance is not that good. Because of that defeat the world doubted him being the best player.

Remember:  failures inspires winners, I know this defeat will inspire and motivates Leo Messi for being the best as he could. I know this is his lowest time ever because he feels he failed his compatriots. 



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